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The first question for most folks will probably be what the heck is SEO? SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. Many clients ask us about placement on search engines, and that is the definition of SEO, engineering a site that is readable and rankable by search engines such as Google.

Many do not know how search engines work. Search engines use automated web browsers commonly called "robots". "Robots" surf the web constantly and return information back to the search engine for analysis.

There are full time SEO consultants devoting much time and energy to gaining their clients a top search engine ranking. Short of this expensive approach there are a few simple things that any site can do to improve search engine placement. One of these is providing text rich with key words regarding the purpose of the site. Though this web site has a wealth of information, much of it is contained in pictures, animations and audio, all of which are essentially meaningless to a search engine.

The primary purpose of the "News" section of this site is to inform viewers of developments at our organization, but it also has the dual purpose of SEO.

Is your site Google-Proof? Do you have questions about optimizing your web site for search engines? Contact us and we'll be happy to help.

97 watt creative group
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