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97 watt helping clients convert to flash video
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Video is certainly not new to the web, but as the bandwidth of most internet users increases, web video is becoming more common. One of the inherent problems with web video was choosing a good format for your audience. QuickTime, RealMedia, Windows Media Viewer, which was the right choice? The truth is that none of these players had an absolute reach across multiple platforms.

One media player does have that kind of reach, Macromedia's Flash. According to some estimates the player is installed on 97% of personal computers connected to the web. With the release of Flash Player 7, the player has greatly enhanced video capabilities.

The 97 watt creative group has been assisting clients in the transition of video files to the Flash Video (FLV) format. This extremely flexible format allows us to create custom controls for videos, or work with prebuilt playback templates like the one above. FLV also ensures quality compression, reliable delivery and file protection.

In addition to video application, 97 watt has been using Flash to create MP3 players on a variety of sites including Media Production Associates, The Old Time Herald and singer Elizabeth LaPrelle's site.

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