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Way back in 1999, 97 watt project coordinator Steve Terrill, devised a novel idea for distributing press kits. At the time, Steve was producing Carolina Roots, a series of traditional music concerts at Guilford College. Steve was looking for an inexpensive way to distribute photos of the performers to area newspapers.

The first Carolina Roots kits were on 1.4mb floppy disks, just enough room to fit three small photos. Imagine Steve’s excitement when he got a cd burner and an extra 698.6mb of storage space. Suddenly there was room for multiple high-res photos and CD quality audio tracks to boot! Suddenly the press kit became a tool for print media and the radio at a cost of about two dollars a disc.

Since then, the 97 watt creative group has produced a number of promotional CDs for furniture manufacturers like Frank Chervan, Inc. and Southfield Furniture. In 2004 Chervan made the decision to move its free catalog to a CD only format. The CD version was more cost effective and easier to update. The Chervan catalog CD contains PDF files of product pages and price lists as well as a number of flash animations, and a video tour of the Chervan facility.

Musicians have found our promo CDs invaluable. In addition to audio tracks playable in a standard CD player, CDs can also include high-res photos, posters, bios and stage plots.

97 watt recently purchased hardware that allows us to do short run CD duplication (1-500 discs) and on-disc ink jet printing.

For a sample CD contact the 97 watt creative group.

97 watt creative group
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